Nova Credit joins the Endeavor Network

Nicky Goulimis, co-founder & COO of Nova Credit, joins the Endeavor network and becomes the 31st entrepreneur of the organization in Greece. The company was selected during the 92nd International Selection Panel (ISP), the final stage of the multi-step selection process for choosing the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs, held in Mexico, on December 11th – 13th. Marco Veremis, co-founder & executive chairman at Upstream and member of Endeavor’s Board of Directors, was among the panelists.

With global immigration growing from 258M people in 2017 to over 400M by 2050, the challenge of financial access for people who move is on the rise. Immigrants struggle to rent apartments, open bank accounts, and finance cell phones because their credit history is not portable, so they are forced to start over with every international move. Nova Credit provides seamless access to international credit history, enabling immigrants in the United States (46M) to restart their lives in a better position, and unlocking new consumers for lenders and other financial institutions.To ease the burden of immigration, Nova Credit works with three of the top five global banks, the largest tenant screening platforms, the leading credit bureaus across the world (Experian, Equifax, Transunion, CRIF, Creditinfo, etc.), and a broad range of fintech players and credit unions.  

Maritina Grelloni, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager at Endeavor, stated: “Nicky is one of the key fintech players globally and we are certain that she will become an inspiration and model for other Greek entrepreneurs of the industry. It is the first company worldwide that solves the problem of transferring people’s credit score internationally – something that matches completely Endeavor’s goal and we are very happy that Nova Credit joined our network.”.

Lastly, according to Nicky Goulimis: “As a fundamentally global company serving immigrants and newcomers to the States, we are thrilled to be part of the Endeavor Network. This presents an opportunity for us to move beyond the US stage to start fulfilling our international ambitions. And also a chance to learn from inspiring peers in so many different industries and geographies. The selection process by Endeavor was so thoughtful and now we can’t wait to get started”.

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