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To build the world’s cross-border credit reporting bureau. Build bridges, not walls. 


With global immigration growing from 258M people in 2017 to over 400M by 2050, the challenge of financial access for people who move is on the rise. Immigrants struggle to rent apartments, open bank accounts, and finance cell phones because their credit history is not portable, so they are forced to start over with every international move. Nova Credit provides seamless access to international credit history, enabling 50 million immigrants in the United States  to arrive and thrive, unlocking new consumers for lenders and other financial institutions. To ease the burden of immigration, Nova Credit buys data from leading credit bureaus around the world and, with consumer permission, translates it into a U.S.-equivalent score and a report in a format familiar to American underwriters who provide newcomers with the means to start their lives here including apartment leases, student loans, credit cards, cell phone plans and auto loans. 


Nicky studied English Literature & Management Studies at Cambridge University, leading her to a consultant role at Bain & Company where she served some European retail banks. Her career in the international development space began when she worked for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture on its smallholder farmers financial access initiatives, as well as for a Ugandan NGO. Nicky and her co-founders met at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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