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To become the leading global preserved seafood company.


KONVA SA is a purely Greek company based in the industrial area of Kilkis in Greece. We engage in processing, canning and distribution of fish products. Furthermore, the last years, we have expanded our production capability in frozen and chilled fish products. Last but not least, we have the ability to produce fish products under contract and we currently produce and sell many private labels codes. Combining our business activities, dating back in the 70s, with our specialization in the field, we successfully established our brands TRATA and FLOKOS in the Greek market and managed to hold a leading position for decades to come. Having the richest line of fish products in the market, ranging from sardines, anchovies, tuna, to squid, herring, octopus etc, is certainly our unique advantage. They are entirely produced in our factory allowing absolute quality control throughout the production process. The quality of the products is, and always has been, the primary aim of the


From early on, Gianna has inherited the gene of entrepreneurship that has always been part of her family’s DNA.  Today, she is KONVA’s CEO and she belongs to the third generation of the company. After completing her marketing studies at the University of Sheffield, she started working at the company in 2003 and made her way through all the company’s departments during a period of 12 years. In 2015, she undertook the position of the CEO and gave a new insight to the company. Through her broadened and innovative views, she emphasized on new production technologies, on integrated knowledge and persistence of the best possible outcome. Her motto stands for hard work and goal dedication, which can transform a company in a great competitor in the market. Her justification came soon as KONVA’s position has strengthened significantly in the Greek and foreign market in the past few years.

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