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Current Risks & Opportunities in Edtech & Investment Landscape

Tuesday, April 7th, at 19:00 (EEST)

Endeavor Global invites Victor Hu and his team from Lumos Capital, a growth oriented edtech fund focused on the human capital development sector, to discuss current risks & opportunities in Educational technology, as well as the investment landscape both in short and in long term.

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Recruiting and Onboarding Remotely with Xapo’s SVP

Wednesday, April 8th, at 17:00 (EEST)

Endeavor Global invites Alejandra Herrera, SVP of People at Xapo, to showcase best practices and frameworks for remote hiring and onboarding, by using Xapo – a fully remote company – as a case study.

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Discussion with Nadine Hachach

Thursday, April 9th, at 16:00 (EEST)

Endeavor Lebanon invites Nadine Hachach, Endeavor Entrepreneur & founder of Proximie, to discuss how to manage an international business and fundraising in times of crisis.

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Rethink: Strategy and Planning Amid COVID-19  

Thursday, April 9th, at 19:30 (EEST)

Endeavor Greece invites its Chairwoman, Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou, Co-owner & CEO of Phāea Resorts and Senior Architect of T.E.M.E.S, Phil Angelides, former California state treasurer and renowned finance expert, and Stelios Papadopoulos, Chairman of Biogen, an American multinational biotechnology company with $12B in revenues, to discuss the development of the COVID-19 crisis and next steps for the world and Greece. The discussion will be moderated by Andreas Stavropoulos, Partner of Threshold Ventures.

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Leveraging opportunities and managing growth

Thursday, April 30th, at 17:00 (EEST)

Endeavor Global invites Miguel Simoes de Melo, Partner at Bain, to lead a session focused on leveraging opportunities and managing growth during the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Leading During Unpredictable Times | April 6th

Endeavor Saudi Arabia invited Nicolai Tillisch a serial entrepreneur, leadership coach and author, to discuss how to think about uncertainty as a leader and to share practical tools on making decisions and working in an unpredictable environment.

The State of the Enterprise Software Market in Age of COVID-19 | April 3rd

Endeavor Atlanta invited John Kanan, Partner at Bain & Company, to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the enterprise software market.

Rising to the Challenge: Leading at Your Best in Uncertain Times | 4 Sessions

Endeavor Northwest Arkansas invited its Chairwoman, Elise Mitchell, a three-time CEO with more than 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and a global corporate leader, to help leaders stay cool under pressure, make the right business decisions and help their teams navigate change. 

Discussion on COVID-19’s Impact on VC & Fundraising | March 31st

Endeavor Global invited Chris Rogers (Partner, Lumia Capital) & Pueo Keffer (Managing Director, Access Technology Investors) to discuss how should entrepreneurs adjust to this new world as it relates to fundraising and access to capital and define the key factors that entrepreneurs should consider as they chart out their capital planning for 2020.

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Navigating choppy waters: moving yourself, your team, and your organization through the challenges of today | March 31st

Endeavor Global invited Dan MacCombie (Evryman) to share his experiences and frameworks for how leaders and entrepreneurs can process all the challenges that are coming up while planning thoughtfully for the future.

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A CEO Plan for Coronavirus: Actions to Take Now | March 30th

Endeavor invited Miguel Simoes de Melo, Partner at Bain, to lead a session focused on how to strategically plan and transform during times of uncertainty, recession and high stakes.

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How to handle the COVID-19 impacts on the retail sector: An Italian perspective | March 27th

Endeavor Italy invited Endeavor Entrepreneur Enrico Casati, Founder of Velasca – the leading artisanal shoes DTC brand in Italy – to share his insights on how to navigate the current Coronavirus crisis in one of the most affected sectors: retail.

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Endeavor Lending Community COVID-19 Crisis Working Group | March 27th

Endeavor Global invited Endeavor Entrepreneurs to a virtual session to share their experiences and strategies for managing the COVID-19 crisis

Advice from an experienced Investor | March 26th

Endeavor Indonesia invited Nick Nash, co-founder and Managing Partner of Asia Partners, to share his insights on surviving the crisis, fundraising in the ‘new normal’, thinking about budgeting and cost reductions, and shifting mindset from growth to survival.

Last man standing: How long can you hold out for before your cash runs out? | March 25th

Endeavor Global invited Ed Capaldi, a Strategic Advisor & Agile Business Coach supporting high-octane forward-thinking CEOs & Entrepreneurs accelerate through the chaos of a disruptive age, to discuss cash flow management and how to manage cash burn in times of uncertainty.

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Peer Discussion with Nirmal Rajaram | March 25th

Endeavor Global invited Nirmal Rajaram, Endeavor Indonesia Entrepreneur & President Director of Cita Rasa Prima, to share his thoughts and insights on how he is managing his 200-location restaurant chain during COVID-19.

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The impact of COVID-19: an industrial perspective | March 24th

Endeavor Italy invited Guido Iannone, General Manager of Nuceria Group (one of the European Leaders in packaging production), to share his insights on how to manage economic lockdown during the coronavirus emergency.

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Cash Flow Management in Times of Crisis | March 23rd

Endeavor Egypt invited Ahmed Wahby, CEO of GEMS Education Investment Fund in Egypt & Former CFO of Procter & Gamble for the Near East Cluster, to discuss Cash Flow Management in Times of Crisis. 

How to maintain/improve the culture of an organization in a crisis period | March 19th

Endeavor Greece invited Aline de Lucca, HR Business Partner of Google, Jill Medhaug, HR Business Partner of NOKIA & Alison Lohr, VP Corporate Strategy of Egon Zehnder, to discuss how international organizations handle the current situation from the HR perspective.

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1:1 Session with Davide Dattoli | March 18th

Endeavor Spain invited Endeavor Entrepreneur Davide Dattoli, co-founder & CEO of Talent Garden, to share insights and best practices on dealing with COVID-19.

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The impact of COVID-19 emergency on restaurant chains | March 16th

Endeavor Italy invited Alberto Cartasegna, Founder of Miscusi, to share his experience on how Miscusi is tackling the Covid-19 emergency.

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Q&A with Theodoros Skylakakis | March 17th

Endeavor Greece invited Theodoros Skylakakis, Greek Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policy, to discuss with Greek Entrepreneurs the impact that COVID-19 has had so far on their businesses and the measures they need to adopt in order to deal with the crisis.

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