We are an organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs.

At our core, we are guided by what high-impact entrepreneurs require to scale, and we are nimble in adapting to better provide that support. We put the needs of our Endeavor Entrepreneurs first because we all gain when our entrepreneurs gain. On occasions when various stakeholders’ needs and wants may differ, the tie goes to the entrepreneur! In return, we ask our entrepreneurs to make a commitment to serve our organization in various capacities as mentors, panelists, ambassadors, board members, and Endeavor Catalyst investors.

We are borderless, unified by a passion for high-impact entrepreneurship.

Brought together by a common mission, we honor our differences and push one another toward ever more aspirational, unifying goals. We welcome opportunities to work with one another across borders and dedicate ourselves to facilitating valuable connections among our network. We celebrate our global successes as local victories. As one unified organization, we are far greater than the sum of our already strong parts.

Our community is built on mutual trust and respect.

Endeavor seeks to have transformational impact by helping talented entrepreneurs confront their most difficult business (and at times, personal) challenges. It is integral to our mission that founders feel they can share these challenges transparently with us and rely on the Endeavor network, our greatest asset, for uncompromised support. We all do our part to create this atmosphere of conflict-free idea exchange. We also each maintain a commitment to personal growth, which enhances honest dialogue and enables better outcomes.

We see crazy as a compliment and aim toward aspirational goals.

In our work, we aspire to be the best while also pursuing meaningful change and innovation. We embrace ambiguity and agility, welcome critical questions and opposing perspectives, and continually challenge ourselves to expand our dreams. We view success as a lifelong pursuit, and we constantly look for ways to improve ourselves and our organization. As emerging and aspiring leaders, we recognize the importance of being authentic, aware and accessible.

We strive to multiply our impact.

We feel a deep obligation to magnify change and innovation. We willingly commit ourselves to mentoring and investing in the next generation of leaders, both within and beyond our own team. We seek to lift those around us, widening the circle of opportunity. Giving back is essential to who we are, and we look for meaningful and measurable ways to maximize our influence.

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