Scale-up Program

The Endeavor Scale-up program selects and supports high-potential, fast growing entrepreneurs

The Endeavor Scale-up Program focuses on fast – growing, high tech companies, founded by Greek entrepreneurs from all over the world. These are companies with the prospect of achieving great success and becoming Greece’s next success story, while following the path set by companies-members of Endeavor such as Instashop and Softomotive.

The participation at Endeavor Scale-up program lasts 6 to 18 months and aims at contributing to the global growth of the selected companies, something that can lead to them joining the global network of Endeavor as Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Mentorship & Expertise

Endeavor mentors provide expert mentorship to founders on strategy and execution.

Entrepreneur’ geographic expansion is supported by leveraging Endeavor’s networks worldwide to deliver mentorship and commercial introductions, deepdive country visits, and in- market industry tours.

Community Building 

Endeavor Verticals unite Endeavor’s global portfolios under sector-specific communities, and connect them with a curated network of peers, investors, and mentors.

Leadership Development

Entrepreneurs and their senior managers have access to uniquely designed workshops focused on leadership, innovation, and techniques for scaling companies. 


Endeavor Investor Network facilitates access to capital for our entrepreneurs through road show preparation, “speed dating” sessions, and curated introductions to best-in-class investors, both local and global.


All participating companies will gain access to Endeavor’s exclusive events, where they can meet other members of the Endeavor network, such as Endeavor Entrepreneurs, mentors, Board members, etc. They are also given access to Endeavor OPEN, the tech platform that brings the entire Endeavor network – the people, the resources, the events – to member’s fingertips.

Endeavor Insights

All participants will be given access to valuable market insights and industry reports that are generated by Endeavor’s Insight team.

Pay It Forward

Opportunity to Give-Back by mentoring other  promising entrepreneurs, investing in Endeavor  Catalyst, and serving as a role model.

Dedicated Account Manager 

Α Dedicated Account Manager from Endeavor staff facilitates and curates the entrepreneurs’ experience and his benefits from the program.

Companies participating in the 4th Batch of the program

Companies that participate in the 3rd Batch of the program

Companies that participate in the 2nd Batch of the program

Companies that participate in the 1st Batch of the program

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