The future of Agriculture in the post COVID-19 era

Webinar Report | June 2020

This report presents key insights that came out of Endeavor’s Webinar ‘The Future of Agriculture in the post COVID-19 era’, featuring Alkis Alexandrou (Deputy General Manager, Piraeus Bank), Sotiris Bantas (CEO, Centaur Analytics), Konstantinos Baginetas (General Secretariat of  Agricultural Policy and European Funds Management), Dimitris Evangelopoulos (Founder & COO, Augmenta) and Stylianos Theodoulidis (General Manager, Venus Growers). The webinar was held in partnership with Piraeus Bank and was moderated by Marianna Skylakaki.

COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses | March – May

Survey | June 2020

The study reflects the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the growth, strategic planning and operations of companies between March 15th and May 15th, as well as the degree of optimism both for the industry and the economy.

Rethink: Leadership in Turbulent Times

Webinar Report | May 2020

This report presents key insights that came out of Endeavor’s Webinar ‘Rethink: Leadership in Turbulent Times’, featuring Eftichios Vassilakis (Vice Chairman, Aegean Airlines & Board Member, Endeavor Greece), along with Vlassis Georgatos (Managing Director, Gregory’s) and Vasilis Fourlis (Executive Chairman, Fourlis S.A). The discussion was moderated by Pavlos Tsimas (Journalist).

Impact Report 2019

Impact Report | April 2020

Endeavor Greece’s annual Impact Report for 2019 captures the great growth that both the organization and the companies of its network achieved, during a year in which the Greek economy was returning to a growth trajectory.

Rethink: Raising Capital in the midst of a global crisis

Webinar Report | April 2020

This report presents key insights that came out of Endeavor’s Webinar ‘Rethink: Raising Capital in the Midst of a Global Crisis’, featuring Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director at General Catalyst, Nick Kalliagkopoulos, Principal at Prime Ventures and Yannis Tsakiris, Deputy Minister for Research and Technology, Apostolos Apostolakis, Partner & Co-founder of Venture Friends, Panos Papadopoulos, Partner at Marathon Venture Capital and Marco Veremis, Endeavor Greece Board Member & Executive Chairman of Upstream.

Rethink: Strategy & Planning Amid COVID-19

Webinar Report | April 2020

This report presents key insights that came out of Endeavor’s Webinar ‘Rethink: Strategy & Planning Amid COVID-19’, featuring Endeavor Greece’s Chairwoman, Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou, Co-owner & CEO of Phāea Resorts and Senior Architect of T.E.M.E.S, Grigoris Zarifopoulos, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, Phil Angelides, former California state treasurer and renowned finance expert, and Stelios Papadopoulos, Chairman of Biogen. The discussion was moderated by Andreas Stavropoulos, Partner of Threshold Ventures.


Event Report | March 2020

This report presents key insights that came out of Endeavor’s Cryptonetworks event, aiming to spark an even broader discussion on the power of crypto and its advantages for Greek entrepreneurs in the months and years to come. 

Greek Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19

Survey | March 2020

Endeavor Insight run its first consumer sentiment survey, aiming to imprint the trends and changes in the behavior, the fears and expectations of Greek consumers. The survey had a sample of 500 people, and was conducted with the support of Endeavor company Pollfish.

COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses

Survey | March 2020

According to the survey conducted by Endeavor Greece, 60% of Greek businesses are at risk of slowing down, but will not proceed to layoffs. In a sample of 100 fast-growing SMEs, half have already adapted their operating model or even their product, while 7/10 have automated more than 50% of their operations.

Global Impact Report 2019

Impact Report | December 2019

2019 provided many opportunities to reflect on just how far Endeavor has come over the past 22 years, while looking to the future as we recommit to our core belief — that high-impact entrepreneurs hold the key to sustainable economic growth. We’re thrilled to share Endeavor’s values and our remarkable global community of entrepreneurs with you in our 2018–2019 Impact Report.

5 years of impact in Greece

Impact Report | November 2017

In 2017, Endeavor celebrated five years of actively supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in Greece. Since 2012, Endeavor Greece has supported 44 companies that have created 29,106 jobs, generate annual revenues of €406 million and have attracted €116 million of investment.

Seeking a closer alignment between entrepreneurship, education and employment

Report | June 2017

New report by Endeavor Greece, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and EY Greece on the mismatch between the country’s competitive advantages, the market needs and the educational system. University graduates are mostly irrelevant to the market needs and, at the same time, Greek companies, even the new ones, focus mainly on sectors with limited potential, they do not offer quality jobs and do not follow global trends in the labor market.

Greek Entrepreneurship in Numbers

Report | February 2017

Endeavor Greece reports on company formation based on data from General Commercial Registry (GEMI). For 2016, Endeavor reports a 50% drop in the number of new companies in comparison to 2008.

Four Years of Endeavor in Greece

Report | November 2016

Endeavor Greece completes four years of targeted support of fast growing SMEs and presents the impressive results of the companies in its network.

Human Capital: Greece’s #1 exported “product”

Report | July 2016

Endeavor Greece reports on the added value and tax income generated in receiving countries by the Greeks that moved abroad during the crisis (2008-2016).

Greek Business Exodus

Report | April 2016

Endeavor Greece conducted a survey in Greek companies to assess the degree to which they plan to transfer their headquarters or operations abroad. The survey was conducted on a sample of 300 companies of various sectors and sizes, between March 23rd and 31st 2016.

Impact Report 2015-16

Impact Report | February 2016

Since 2012, Endeavor Greece has supported 16 companies that have created 6,400 jobs, generate annual revenues of €163 million and have attracted €40 million of investment. If Endeavor Greece were a group of companies, it would be in the country’s 10 largest employers. A family of companies that every year produces 4 million packages of dermocosmetics, 6 million bottles of balsamic products, 54 million cans of soft drinks; a group that leads innovation in insurance with 800,000 quotes annually, hosts 200,000 tourists every year, sells 2,200,000 flight and ferry tickets and has presence in 50 countries.

A Youth Perspective on Entrepreneurship: Something is Changing

Report | December 2015

Against a background of persistently high unemployment, economic stagnation and uncertainty, a growing current supporting entrepreneurship is taking root in Greek universities. Students are overturning perceptions about entrepreneurship and the profile and motivation of potential entrepreneurs, as well as the support expected by the students from society and the state. This is the main conclusion of an extensive survey conducted by Endeavor Greece, EY Greece, Athens University of Economics and Business and American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, through a representative sample of 2,222 students enrolled in more than 30 Institutions of Higher Education.

#GReality: Business in Greece under Capital Controls

Report | August 2015

Endeavor Greece, the global non-profit organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurship, reports on the new reality faced by Greek businesses that operate under the recently imposed capital controls. The survey was conducted on a sample of 300 companies, from 13 to 17 July 2015.

Creating Jobs for Youth in Greece

Report | July 2015

The report titled “Creating Jobs for Youth in Greece” presents the need for job creation for youth and outlines possible ways to tackle high unemployment in Greece through entrepreneurship. This report is based on analysis of employment demographics from the Hellenic Statistical Authority, unemployment statistical data from Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) and the findings of two surveys. The first survey was conducted by QED and included quantitative and qualitative research to a representative sample of young individuals aged 18 to 34. The second survey was conducted by Endeavor Greece with a sample of entrepreneurs/top level executives. Stavros Niarchos Foundation is the exclusive donor of this report.

Two Years of Endeavor in Greece

Impact Report | December 2014

Endeavor Greece completes two years of targeted support of fast growing SMEs and presents the impressive results of the companies in its network.

The Greek Startup Scene at a Glance

Report | March 2014

Endeavor Greece presents interesting numbers and results for startups in Greece, in the framework of the increased activity of the previous years and the intense discourse on the issue.

Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities in Greece Today

Report | November 2013

The report on Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities in Greece Today was issued on the occasion of Endeavor Greece first anniversary. The report presents facts on new business activity and defines the extent to which Greece’s growth model has shifted since crisis started. It leverages research and interviews with our network’s experts to validate specific areas of opportunity. It describes the profile of high-impact entrepreneurs and the support they seek to accelerate their growth. Finally, it outlines the current entrepreneurial landscape and identifies the next steps towards a proper ‘ecosystem’.

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