Endeavor organizes and implements programs that support promising entrepreneurs

Endeavor Young Talent Program is an initiative that connects tech universities and students directly with the market. It is the only internship program focusing on tech, that matches the best tech talent with the best Greek companies. The program aims at reducing the high youth unemployment rate and create high skilled paid jobs in Greece.

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OPAP Forward, the largest Entrepreneurship program in Greece is designed to offer a unique opportunity to fast growing Small Medium Businesses, so that through their development, these companies will unleash their full potential and generate new jobs. Today, the program supports 50 companies that operate in 9 industries, generate aprox. €400 million and have created 36k jobs.

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Trophy Challenge, the accelerator program implemented by Endeavor in cooperation with New Agriculture for a New Generation is offered to the winners of the competition “Trophy Challenge”. It provides international networking opportunities, access to finance, integrated guidance, training seminars, as well as access to data, information and an important business network that will help them grow into innovative and successful businesses.

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