Moonfare: The Fintech Startup with Greek Roots that Daunts the Credit Suisse

Alexandros Arygros is a citizen of the world. Born in Athens, he studied in Boston, he lived in New York, in London, in Berlin, in Singapore and in France, and he even found himself in India to help the inhabitants after the tsunami in 2004. However, he is also Moonfare’s Greek roots, a fintech startup that has raised 28€ millions through funding from 125 super angels and is currently  regarded as a force to be reckoned with by the largest European banks. 

As Mr. Alexandros Argyros stated at the Outliers, Endeavor Greece’s podcast series whose media partner is MoneyReview, Moonfare is a technology platform that helps investors acquire their own portfolio from private equity funds. In essence, it provides them with access to top-tier private funds, such as KKR or CVC, which under normal circumstances would be inaccessible even for high-income individual investors, as sometimes the minimum investment is as high as 10$ millions. 

In Moonfare, it takes the customer just 30 seconds to sign up and see the available funds, in which they can invest at any time. 

Today, the company has well over 500€ millions under its management, as it has more than 1,000 individual investors. It employs 90 people, and it is based in Berlin with offices in Hong Kong and in London. 

This startup has also managed to “intimidate” well-established names of the investment industry with century-long history, such as the Credit Suisse. As Mr. Alexandros Argyros recollects, the moment that he realized that Moonfare is a remarkable company is when he came across a confidential private banking report by Credit Suisse. In this 150-page report, in which the Swiss bank analyzed the private equity market and its strategy in it, two pages were dedicated to Moonfare, presenting it as a rising force, which should be closely followed. 

Moonfare’s advantage over all the well-established investment institutions is that even the largest banks have not access to all the private equity funds. Furthermore, it singles out due to its technology, which creates a completely different customer experience, as it is free of time-consuming procedures, signatures and documents that are normally required if someone does everything in the traditional way. 

Moonfare was founded by Alexandros Argyros, Steffen Pauls and Heinrich von Liechtenstein. The company has a strong Greek profile, both in terms of executives and investors. Dimitrios Magiakos is head of Business Development since the establishment of the company, and Antonis Cotzias is Investment Manager performing deep due diligence and contacts before investors enter the platform. 

Moonfare has raised funds from 2-3 family offices in Greece, as well as from Greeks involved in the investment market, who are based abroad. 

At the same time, Mr. Argyros spots remarkable opportunities in the Greek market for family offices, entrepreneurs and shipowners who would like to invest in private equity.

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