Partner, Big Pi Ventures


Dr. Ir. Bruno Bolsens holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from Leuven University in Belgium, in the field of power electronics and electromagnetic compatibility. After graduating, he was asked to take up a teaching position at the university, but he chose instead to become a late co-founder and CTO of his own startup in mobile robotics and automated guided vehicles, based in Belgium. After the acquisition of that company in 2013 by a German group based in Bavaria, and Bruno continued his position as CTO and was one of the main architects for designing new warehouse concepts based on mobile robots. He came to Athens for outsourcing certain robotics developments, where he started to be involved in the newly developing ecosystem and its main investors. Bruno decided to take a position as independent freelance expert for technology companies across the globe, such as Swisslog (Switzerland), KUKA (Germany), Supratec (France), RoboCoaster (UK) and Tesla (US). This variety of appointments, backgrounds, technologies and networks is the main reason why he now serves as Partner of Big Pi Ventures in Athens, overlooking deals with a strong technical / technology / physics background, with a focus on energy and robotics. Big Pi Ventures is financed by EquiFund, an entity set up by the Greek government and the EU's European Investment Fund in 2017.

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