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To dominate the global soft drinks market.


Green Cola Hellas is one of the fastest-growing innovative companies in Greece, engaged in the production of non-alcoholic natural beverages sweetened with Stevia, having, 0% calorie intake, 0% sugar, 0% aspartame, with caffeine from green coffee beans. Just a few years after its successful journey started, the company has gained a significant market share in Greece and has reached the second place in consumers’ preference. Today, 8 years since its establishment, Green Cola continues its growth in Greece, expanding though its presence in 23 international markets. Constantly moving forward by launching a complete range of new flavors and recipes, covering all consumer needs and tastes. Building at the sometime technologically modern, high quality and safety production standards.


Pericles Venieris is the founder of Green Cola Hellas, one of the fastest growing refreshment companies in Greece. Since 2011, he has overseen the company’s general management with the aim of expanding and consolidating the brand abroad, reaching a presence of 23 countries today. After completing his studies at the Department of Economics of the University of Macedonia, he started his professional career in the largest beverage industry in the world, which lasted for about 30 years. For seven years he was a Sales Manager at Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC), and then found himself serving as Country Manager at HBC. From 2001, he served as regional director for the markets in Sweden, Nigeria, Bosnia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. During that time, he launched more than 30 code products and was responsible for more than 55,000 employees.   

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