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To democratize cardio-metabolic analysis; the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment there is..


PNOĒ has created a breath analysis solution, which measures its users’ health condition, through a 12-minute test, aiming to improve their cardiopulmonary health, nutrition and exercise. PNOĒ leverages the science behind cardio-metabolic analysis (CMA) which assesses the users’ health state, by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their breathing. PNOĒ’s almost fully-automated system of algorithms and experts translates users’ breathing into actionable, personalized insights, such as dietary improvements, in 24 hours or less. Finally, PNOĒ has graduated from Y Combinator accelerator program.


Panos is the cofounder of PNOĒ. After years of technical and commercial development, PNOĒ is now a leader in early chronic disease detection and development of health optimization programs. PNOĒ is trusted by leaders in science, academia, and healthcare, world champions, as well as tens of thousands who rely on it’s data and science-based programming to be healthier and fitter. Panos holds an MS degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Following his graduate studies, he worked as a product manager and business developer in Silicon Valley but quickly transition to entrepreneurship. He is a Y Combinator alumnus, and in 2015 joined Forbes 30 under 30. He is passionate about analyzing systems and for him, the human body is the most complex, intriguing, and unexplored one.

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