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Design and produce innovative, high-quality, clinically-tested cosmetics to make a difference beyond Greece’s borders.


FREZYDERM is Greek company founded in 1986 and its main goal is the development and production of innovative and pioneering dermocosmetic products, which comply to the strictest pharmaceutical standards and improve life quality. Since 2009, FREZYDERM has received 41 distinctions for its products and has been given 8 corporate awards. The company’s ongoing growth has led to its international presence in more than 33 foreign markets, while in 2015, FREZYDERM’s first subsidiary company based in London, was founder. In October 2015, FREZYDERM entered the Endeavor network during Endeavor’s 61st International Selection Panel held in Morocco. 


Ioannis Anastasiou was born in Athens in 1969 and studied Greek Literature in the Philosophy Department of the Greek National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Ever since the founding of FREZYDERM in 1986 by his father Anastasios Anastasiou, and while studying, he has occupied various administrative positions. In 1995, he assumed the position of the company’s President while maintaining the position of the medical representative. In 2002, he became Head of the Medical Department. In the same year, along with his brother Efthymios Anastasiou, they became the company’s administrators, where their vision and strategy led the foundations and put the company in a stable and continuing orbit of growth. Ever since 2002 he has been the company’s President and CEO.

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