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To provide healthy and high nutritional products to consumers worldwide.


Founded in 1939 by Christos’ grandfather as currants’ producer and exporter, Papadimitriou is today one of the largest food processing companies in the south of Greece. With products based on the nutritional concepts of the Mediterranean diet, it has earned the confidence of
consumers in both domestic and 35 international markets. The company now focuses on 100% natural preservative- and sulfite-free Balsamic Vinegar produced by exclusive Greek currants and has also introduced a new range of innovative Mediterranean products based on balsamic vinegar.


Christos is the third generation of the family and had experienced firsthand all the changes in currants’ market as well as the shift made by his father to balsamic vinegar production in 1998. After completing his studies in business and marketing at University of Piraeus, Christos joined the company in 2004. At the time, production was still focused on currants with only two balsamic vinegar SKUs in Greek supermarkets. Christos rebranded the products with fresh, modern labels and began to build the product portfolio with new balsamic flavors and a mustard line. Since Christos joined Papadimitriou, it has increased its share of the Greek balsamic market from 10% to 40%, and expanded its exports business from 14 to 28 countries.

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