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To build an essential infrastructure for the music industry


Orfium is a music rights management and artist discovery platform offering technology solutions for rights-holders. The platform identifies online copyright violations and monetizes content for producers, publishers and record companies that concede the right of use to various digital distribution channels such as YouTube. The algorithms of artificial intelligence and learning engineering that Orfium has developed utilize both the content (melody and image) and the descriptions, lyrics or comments of users to locate possible melodies reproduced on videos that belong to clients. Orfium’s clients include publishers such as Warner Chappell, Sony/ATV, EMI and Kobalt, and record companies such as Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Red Bull Records.


Chris Mohoney is the Co-founder and CPO of Orfium, a music rights management and artist discovery platform. Chris completed his Master’s degree in accounting and finance, then ran product and accounting operations at a 3rd party administrator of music copyrights in YouTube’s Content ID system representing over 6 million music copyrights. Chris Mohoney and Drew Delis (Co-founder and COO) met while attending the University of San Diego and through a mutual college friend they met Michael Petychakis (CTO) and found that they all shared the same vision, to develop an end-to-end suite of applications to power the next generation digital supply chain and monetization system of the music industry.

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