Avocarrot, a Greek company that operates worldwide, offers a technology platform that allows publishers to integrate native ads into their apps and easily monetize their content. Native advertisements, which are less invasive than banner ads and result in 10 to 15 times higher click-through rates, are an effective solution for both publishers and advertisers. Over 2500 mobile apps monetize their content with Avocarrot to generate greater profits and 13 Demand-Side Platforms are able to offer more appealing, clickable ads to the hundreds of advertisers they are connected to. Ad integration is made easy with Avocarrot’s supporting features and products which include H.E.R.O., a tool that that tracks revenue performance and Morpheus a banner-to-native ad converter. Avocarrot currently delivers 4 billion ad impressions per month and aims to increase the number as it grows its portfolio of DSPs from 13 to 30 within the next year.


George Makkoulis is one of the co-founders of Avocarrot and works closely with app developers around the world to maximize their revenue from native ads. With a strong engineering background and more than 5 years experience in the mobile app industry, George usually spends his free time helping app developers grow into app entrepreneurs.

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