Endeavor Scale-up Program

We are happy to announce the launch of the Endeavor Scale-up program, which selects and supports the next fast- growing entrepreneurs

The new program by Endeavor Greece focuses on high tech companies, which are in Seed or Series A funding phase and have been founded by Greek entrepreneurs from all over the world. These are companies with the prospect of achieving great success and becoming Greece’s next success story, following the path set by member companies of Endeavor, such as Instashop and Softomotive.

“Since 1997, Endeavor has selected 2,089 entrepreneurs from 40 countries to join its global network, who have the potential –a lot of them have already succeeded- to multiply their impact on a global level. By using the know-how and the experience that the organization has gained over 23 years in selecting and supporting fast-growing entrepreneurs, we are able to recognize those characteristics of a company that make it stand out, therefore increase the chances of its future success,” Panagiotis Karampinis stated.

Thus, through the Endeavor Scale-up Program, the global organization chooses to make its network accessible to more promising companies, which have so far succeeded either a) in receiving a total funding of more than $5M, or b) in having raised more than $2M in their Seed round, or c) in having a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) that exceeds 75% in the last 3 years.

The companies are being selected at a Local Selection Panel, that consists of members of the Board of Directors as well as Mentors of the organization. Every six months, the evaluators meet with the aspiring entrepreneurs and select the next 10 companies that will join the program. 

The participation at the Endeavor Scale-up program lasts 6 to 18 months and aims at contributing to the global growth of the selected companies from an early stage, something that can lead to them joining the global network of Endeavor as Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Throughout the program, entrepreneurs will have access to strategic guidance from expert mentors, funding through the international Endeavor investor network, and talent, using the organization’s cooperation with universities and businesses internationally.

The companies selected to participate in the first cycle of the program come from a wide range of technology fields. Baresquare and Convert Group were selected from the Data & Analytics industry, Brainomix, Feel, Doctoranytime, Lifebit, Saphetor and Intelligencia were selected from the Healthcare sector, Deepsea from the Marinetech Industry, and Netronix from IoT/Smart Cities. Norbloc and Oktopay were selected from the Fintech industry, Tomorrow (MoRo) from the industry of Automotive/Smartcities, Proto.io and Geekbot were selected from the ESS field, while Spotawheel from the field of eCommerce. Last but not least, Augmenta from the Agritech industry and Hack The Box from Cyber Security Industry also participate in the program.

For more information, please visit the program website page.

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