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Last man standing: How long can you hold out for, before your cash runs out?
1 April 2020

Endeavor Webinar Series: The experience of Ed Capaldi Continuing its webinar series, aiming to shed light on different parameters of the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and society, Endeavor invited Ed Capaldi, a Strategic Advisor & Agile Business Coach supporting high-octane forward-thinking CEOs & Entrepreneurs accelerate through the chaos of a disruptive age. Ed discussed cash […]

Vivante Health joins the Endeavor Network
31 March 2020

Vivante Health was selected during the International Selection Panel that was held virtually for the very first time Kimon Angelides, founder & CEO of Vivante Health, joins the Endeavor network and becomes the 31st entrepreneur of the organization in Greece. The company was selected during the 1st Virtual International Selection Panel (ISP), the final stage […]

Handling the impact of COVID-19 on the retail industry
30 March 2020

Endeavor Webinar Series: The experience of Enrico Casati The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people, while at the same time its adverse impact on the global economy’s growth. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of its perspectives are analyzed in Endeavor’s webinars. Continuing its webinar […]

Endeavor Greece Survey: Greek Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19
27 March 2020

Endeavor Insight run its first consumer sentiment survey, aiming to imprint the trends and changes in the behavior, the fears and expectations of Greek consumers In an effort to get a sense of how consumers behave during the COVID-19 crisis in Greece, Endeavor Greece, with the support of Endeavor company Pollfish, run the survey to […]

The Experience of Nirmal Rajaram, an owner of a 200-location restaurant chain in Indonesia during COVID-19 crisis
27 March 2020

Endeavor Webinar Series: The experience of Nirmal Rajaram Continuing its webinar series which aims to shed light on various facets of the Coronavirus emergency, Endeavor invited Nirmal Rajaram, Endeavor Indonesia Entrepreneur & CEO of Cita Rasa Prima, to share his thoughts and insights on how he is managing his 200-location restaurant chain during COVID-19. Nirmal spoke […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on Production
26 March 2020

Endeavor Webinar Series: The Experience of Guido Iannone Continuing its webinar series which aim to shed light on various facets of the coronavirus emergency, Endeavor invited Guido Iannone, General Manager of Nuceria Group, a European leader in packaging production, manufacturing labels, foldings and industrial packaging, with a specific division devoted to pharmaceutical industry packaging, to share his insights […]

Endeavor company Instashop experience surge in sales due to COVID-19
24 March 2020

John Tsioris, Endeavor Entrepreneur, founder & CEO of InstaShop, was interviewed on the extraordinary performance of the company due to the strong surge in demand over the last 3 weeks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He shared insights on how the current situation and consumer behavior has changed having a huge impact on their growth. Also, he […]

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