CHB Group and Forky join Endeavor


20 September 2016
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Two more Greek companies, CHB Group and Forky, join the global network of Endeavor, non-profit supporting high-impact entrepreneurship. The companies were selected during Endeavor Global 66th International Selection Panel, held in Boston (September 7-9).

CHB Group, represented by Nikolaos and Alexandros Christodoulou, third generation of the company that was established in 1955 and today is one of the world’s leading companies in the fruit processing industry. The company’s production follows the highest quality standards in the global food industry. CHB offers a wide range of products, including blends and compounds, fruit purees, canned fruits, fruit dices and slices, fruit preparations (e.g. jams, blends, coffee syrups and oils) and bottled juices. CHB Group brings added value to fruit exports through processing and leveraging all fruit components. The company’s exports in 89 countries count for the 85% of the annual production. CHB has 200 employees and works with 3,000 producers all over Greece.

Forky, represented by Michalis Gkontas and Petros Pitsilis, was launched in 2014 and is a fast-growing, on-demand meal delivery company that brings delicious and healthy meals to your door in most of the Attica region, during lunch and dinner time, in uder 15 minutes. The company has partnered with talented chefs, Christoforos Peskias is the head and Stelios Parliaros is responsible for the desserts, in order to guarantee the best possible results in taste and quality. The company leverages technology to make the daily food delivery process very easy and fast through its website and mobile application. The company has delivered 200,000 orders to date. It has 120 employees and wants to expand in Greece and globally.

At this ISP, the culmination of a rigorous entrepreneurs’ selection process locally and internationally, 36 business leaders and members of Endeavor network assessed and selected 34 entrepreneurs, representing 18 companies from 12 countries. Endeavor now supports 1.336 high-impact entrepreneurs from 839 companies in 25 countries, that are given strategic advice and other services according to their needs from Endeavor’s mentors and advisors, have access to its international network and investors. This process helps them further grow their business, create jobs and become role models. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created more than 500,000 jobs and in 2014 they generated over $8 billion in revenues.

From Greece, Hellas Direct, Papadimitriou, HotelBrain, Insurance Market, ERGON, Brainbox, Think Digital Group, Green Cola, Travelplanet24/Tripsta, blueground, FREZYDERM, Avocarrot, Sychem and Workable are members of Endeavor network.

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