Avocarrot joins Endeavor global network

Conno Christou & George Makkoulis

8 March 2016
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Avocarrot joins the global network of Endeavor, non-profit organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurship, at the 63rd Endeavor Global International Selection Panel (ISP) in Dubai (1-3 March).

Avocarrot, represented by two if its founders, Conno Christou and George Makkoulis, is a leading ad-tech (advertising technology) company, based in Athens and San Francisco, that specializes in native ads for mobile applications. Native ads are advertising formats that are designed to blend into and mimic the look and feel of the rest of the content of the mobile app (labeled as “sponsored”). The company’s product, Avocarrot Exchange, is a marketplace for native mobile ads that offers great advantages for both publishers (mobile apps) and advertisers (brands, advertising agencies, etc.). On the supply side, publishers can easily integrate the technology and enjoy 17x higher click rates than banners, get more money and offer seamless user experience. On the demand side, advertisers benefit from higher conversion rates than traditional mobile banners.

The company manages >4 billion mobile ad impressions per month and works with 2,500 mobile apps. It has received $2M investment by international and local funds and angel investors, has been awarded as 1 of the 8 best companies from Google for Entrepreneurs and voted as the ‘Next Big Thing’ at the advertising technology conference ad:tech in 2013.

At this ISP, the culmination of a rigorous entrepreneurs’ selection process locally and internationally, 36 business leaders and members of Endeavor network assessed and selected 35 entrepreneurs, representing 24 companies from 16 countries. Endeavor now supports 1.233 high-impact entrepreneurs from 779 companies in 25 countries, that are given strategic advice and other services according to their needs from Endeavor’s mentors and advisors, have access to its international network and investors. This process helps them further grow their business, create jobs and become role models. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created more than 500,000 jobs and in 2014 they generated over $8 billion in revenues.

From Greece, Hellas Direct, Out There Media, Papadimitriou, HotelBrain, Insurance Market, ERGON, Brainbox, Think Digital Group, Green Cola and Travelplanet24/Tripsta, blueground and FREZYDERM are members of Endeavor network.

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