Green Cola Receives a Twenty-Five Percent Equity Stake Investment by Yiannis Chitos


3 June 2015
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Yiannis Chitos, Chairman of Chitos S.A., a leading Greek beverage manufacturer, has acquired a 25% equity stake in Green Cola, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Periklis Venieris. Green Cola has become one of the fastest growing consumer goods brands in Greece. The company has already successfully positioned itself in the Greek market and has grown its presence to Israel, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium and Australia.
Green Cola introduced a cola-type product in 2012 that offers natural ingredients and fewer calories without sacrificing the taste of traditional soft drinks. The company now operates in the beverage industry through its subsidiary EPAP, maintaining a legacy that spans over half a century in the production and bottling of soft drinks. In 2013, the company launched a larger array of low-calorie and high-quality products. EPAP currently owns exclusive production and use rights of Green Cola products for Greece and 12 other international markets.
Chitos S.A. and Green Cola signed and drafted a five-year business plan which will allow them to expand Green Cola’s presence and activities into national and international markets. Green Cola will form a new board with Yiannis Hitos serving as executive chairman. Hitos’ company Chitos S.A. is one of the most successful Greek companies in the field of bottled water. They have a registered office in the Ioannina region and has steadily evolved into a dynamic brand which significantly contributes to the Greek economy.

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