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Travelplanet24/Tripsta is a leading travel agency in SE Europe founded in 2005 that offers its website visitors flight and ferries tickets in real time 24/7. Leveraging technology, travelplanet24.com offers a complete and attractive product range in travel industry and has one of the most advanced online booking technologies. The company has presence in 39 countries under the brand Tripsta and offices in Syntagma (Athens), Bucharest and Sao Paolo. Tripsta provides a user-friendly, comprehensive online and mobile platform for travelers to book flights, ferries, and trains. The company offers customer service in ten languages and provides customers with myriad payment options. 98.3% of all bookings are 100% online. In April 2015, it merged with airtickets to create one of Europe’s top 5 OTA with 300 employees.

Philipp Brinkmann, co- founder and CEO of Tripsta, attended the Munich Business School (MBS) and spent one semester at Regents Business School in London and one at European Business School in Madrid. He has worked in corporate finance at Capeo AG. The idea for Tripsta emerged in 2004, when Philipp researched the feasibility of selling ferry tickets online to international travelers and discovered that there was no established OTA in Greece. With online travel already a mature and successful business model in most Western European countries, Philipp and his co-founder Kristof Keim saw an opportunity to capture the Greek market.


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