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Odysseas Ntotsikas

Think Digital Group




Digital Marketing




TDG is one of the leading Digital Advertising and Marketing Groups in CE, SE Europe and Middle East with presence in Greece, UAE, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Through its three companies: ThinkDigital, ForestView and TailWind, TDG is serving major advertisers, agencies and publishers and helps them leverage digital advertising through automated, data driven, technological and creative solutions. Founded in 2006, TDG’s companies are working with leading international partners such as Microsoft (MSN, Outlook), Facebook, Appnexus, Skype, Samsung, Shazam and Sizmek and many local “champions” and represents 100 local and international publishers in Greece, Romania and Hungary. TDG offers a range of tools that efficiently match publishers with advertisers. TDG’s publishing network, ThinkDigital, aggregates premium publisher inventory and proactively finds suitable advertisers at no cost to the publisher. Tailwind, a newly-launched subsidiary company under TDG, focuses on automated computer-based trading of advertising inventory (programmatic). It recently launched a private adexchange, Project Agora, which is a platform that allows publishers and advertisers to sell and buy advertising space through automated bidding. Currently the group employs more than 110 digital marketing professionals across its local offices.

Odysseas received an MSc in New Media and Communications and an MSc in Management of Information Systems from LSE. After graduating, he worked for Accenture as a consultant and in 2000, he quit his job to co-found Υellownetroad, which became one of Greece’s most prominent interactive marketing agencies before OgilvyOne acquired it four years later. Following the acquisition, he worked for two years for the agency as a strategic planning director before launching TDG.

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