Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou

To provide smart and hassle-free housing for business travelers and transient individuals.

Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou









blueground is a hospitality tech company that transforms the mid to long-term housing experience for business professionals and individual travelers. blueground offers high-end, beautifully-furnished and serviced apartments located in prime locations. The company is already present in 3 continents, and it is rapidly expanding to new cities across the globe. Through the use of technology, blueground provides a platform that makes selecting and renting your next home a hassle-free and positive experience, allowing you to quickly integrate into the local community. Choose from a variety of homes with quality furniture, appliances, and decor to find your perfect match. With high-profile clients that include Coca-Cola, H&M, Samsung, and IKEA, you can count on blueground for exceptional customer service, provided by a dedicated team of over 120 professionals.

Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou is the CEO and co-founder of blueground. Prior to his current role, Alexandros worked in the strategy team of Samsung Electronics based in Seoul, South Korea as an Associate Principal and as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company for six years. In 2009, Alex was sponsored by McKinsey to attend the full-time MBA program at INSEAD. He also holds a BSc in Maritime Studies from University of Piraeus and a MSc in Decision Sciences by AUEB. The idea for blueground was born out of Alexandros’ own personal experience as a business traveler and expat, having spent more than 5 years in different hotels in Europe, Africa and Asia. However, the hotel stay was not an optimal choice; not for the company he was working for and neither for him. The cost was too high, the room was small and there was limited privacy. So, together with a group of friends, they launched blueground, aiming to offer a differentiated and cost advantageous accommodation solution to business travelers. Since its founding in 2013, blueground has raised USD 7.4 million in total venture capital funding from European, American and Middle East.

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