Να αλλάξει ριζικά τη διαχείριση ξενοδοχείων και και να βελτιώσει τον τουριστικό κλάδο.

Panos Paleologos









HotelBrain is a leading hotel management firm in Greece. The company offers clients two main services  that improve guest experience and increase revenue by an average of 20%. The first being a Hotel Management Service, which includes the supervision and selection of hotel management staff, marketing services, reservation and revenue management, and customer feedback analysis. Its other service, a pre-opening Hotel Consulting & Development Service, includes reviewing architectural plans, executing a pre-opening marketing campaign, recruiting staff, and creating hotel resources. To improve the status quo within the hospitality industry, HotelBrain has established an education center to train management staff for placement within top hotels in the hospitality industry. It now manages 189 boutique hotels across Greece, Austria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Serbia and Turkey and plans to expand further its domestic and international portfolio. In 2010, the company signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Luxury Hotel Partners/Small Luxury Hotels (LHP/SLH) for the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Middle East regions. In 2015, HotelBrain raised €3m. investment by SouthBridge Europe to support expansion and sustainability plans.

Founder and CEO, Panos Paleologos has a passion for the hospitality industry from an early age. Receiving a BS in International Hotel Management from the International Hotel & Tourism Training Institute in 1992, Panos started his career as hotel manager at Katikies, a five-star hotel in Santorini. Following this role, Panos worked in various operating positions in five-star hotels across Greece and the UK, and successfully completed management training in the Claridge’s and Dukes hotels in London.

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